Trunnions For Industrial Applications

Trunnions For Industrial Applications The trunnion ball in a Trunnion Ball Valve is supported by protruded shafts, thereby reducing the operational torque. A trunnion in a floating trunnion valve is floating and rides on the seat plate, expanding the operating torque as the pressurization flow is increased. When used with a floating trunnion valve, a trunnion pump operates at a lower speed to prevent the valve from being obstructed by debris during operation. When used with a fixed trunnion valve, a higher speed pump is required to prevent the trunnion from becoming obstructed with ice, snow, or dirt. Trunnions are a common type of valve used in many different types of equipment. In a Trunnion ball Valve (TVB) a trunnion is used that is connected to the ball in the valve. This is attached to the end of the pressurized line that connects to the valve to prevent it from moving. The purpose of this piece of equipment is to stop the pressurized line from moving. When the line is moving the ball moves through the tubing. If the line is not moving then the ball cannot move. Trunnions are found in many different applications. Some examples include: air compressors, pump heads, air lines, pump seals, and water pumps. Other types of equipment that use Trunnions are: oil and gas compressors, brake valves, gas lines, pumps, oil and gas regulators, and air conditioning system lines. Trunnions are also used in the industrial and automotive industry to prevent the flow of water and fuel fluid through pipes or tanks. A Trunnion in a gas regulator will prevent the gas from flowing to the regulator if the lines are not connected properly. In the automotive industry, the use of a Trunnion in an ignition control is to prevent ignition while a vehicle is running. Trunnions are also a common part of some pressure relief systems. These relief valves have a long hose that connects the system to a valve that closes a valve. The problem occurs when the valve or the hose becomes clogged. The use of a Trunnion in these systems will reduce the chance of the clog to occurring. Trunnions can also be found in other areas of the industry. Trunnions used for the hydraulic lifters in pumps are often a larger size and are found under the pump. Some plumbing applications are found with the trunnions on the end of a pipe to prevent slippage. In general, the use of the ball valve has many uses in the industry. Some of the common uses are described above. While not all of the applications listed here will need the same type of Trunnion Ball Valve there are several that do need this particular type of valve. They include; oil and gas systems, refrigerators and freezers, compressors, and free standing pumps. While a Trunnion is used in most cases it is recommended that the same type is used where possible.